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"How do I create voice ringers from MP3 or WAV files?"


To do so, you need 3 programs:

* Winamp v5.x, available here:

* Windows Sound Recorder : installed by default on all windows-based PCs. Located in the Start Menu->Programs->Accessories->Entertainment

* Qualcom's "PureVoice Converter for Windows", available to download from:

Once you have all 3 programs installed on your computer, you are ready to create your ringer.

First you need to extract the PVConverter.zip file into a folder on your hard drive. A good location would be "C:\PVConverter.zip\".

Winamp Instructions
Now here is where you have to make sure you follow these directions perfectly. First take an MP3 or WAV file and open it in Winamp. Make sure not to hit play.

Go to the Winamp Options menu and change the output format to "Nullsoft DiskWriter". Then click on the configure button, and change the output directory to "C:\PVConverter\" or which every directory you used when you extracted the PVConverter.

Check the box which says "Convert to format" and click on the "..." button. From that list, select "PCM 8.000 kHz, 16 Bit, Mono" and press the OK button.

Now click on the play button and Winamp will create a WAV file for you. Make sure to listen to this file, as it will be then cropped and used to create the ringer. If you don't like how it sounds, try another file. Once you are satisfied with the WAV file, you can move to the next step with is cropping the file.

Run the Sound Recorder program and go to "File->Open" and point the program to the same directory where you installed the PVConverter and where the WAV was stored when it was created by Winamp.

Listen the file, and when you find a position you would like the ringer to start, press pause, and go to the Edit menu and select "Delete before current position". Then continue playing it till you find a position you would like to stop on. Once you find it, click on "Edit->Delete after current position".

Now if you want to make the ringer louder, use the option to increase volume by 25%. This will make the final ringer louder.

Now scroll down to the instructions for PureVoice Conversion Instructions.

PureVoice Conversion Instructions
Note: The files should be less then 30 seconds in length, because after that, the phone goes automatically into voicemail.

Make sure to save the file into the same directory as the PVConverter is installed, and to give it a name with no spaces. That was actually the hardest and most time-consuming part. Once you have created this small file, you are ready to convert it.

Go to the Windows Explorer and open up the folder where you saved the WAV file. This should be the same folder where the PVConverter is saved. Just drag the WAV file onto the "PVConv.exe" file, and it will automatically create the "*.qcp" file.